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  • ABUJA, 18 August 2015
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  • Melon seeds popularly called ‘egusi’ are highly prone to mould infestation that produce aflatoxins. The NQIP aims to demonstrate the benefits of utilisation of the quality infrastructure to fight the mycotoxin.


We are pleased to share with you the first two videos for the National Quality Infrastructure Project for Nigeria (NQIP).

Wednesday, 08 February 2017

LAGOS, 8 February 2017 – The interconnection between food safety, public health, investment and food trade was examined at the first Nigerian Food Safety and Investment Forum which concluded today in Lagos, Nigeria

The NQI Project released to its stakeholders, this quarter, a review of the steps taken to boost the export of Nigerian products and the competitiveness of Nigerian enterprises.

ABUJA, 9 November 2016 – 

The Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment of Nigeria today applauded the results of a National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) project on supporting Nigeria’s performance within the international trade framework

28 June - 30 June, 2016 - Abuja, Nigeria

Aimed to to develop the basic competence of CPC staff regarding three standards that would subsequently lead to training of trainer (ToT) courses

20 June - 24 June, 2016 - Lagos, Nigeria

UNIDO National Quality Infrastructure Project organized in Lagos the fourth Training of Trainer (ToT)/Lead Auditor Course for ISO9001:2015

14 June - 16 June, 2016 - Lagos, Nigeria

a three-day course session was designed for the CPC staff to develop their initial competence on role of ISO9001 for Consumers’ Protection, role of ISO14001 for ...

13 June - 17 June, 2016 - Lagos, Nigeria

The third Training of Trainer (ToT)/Lead Auditor Course for ISO9001:2015

NGCL recently announced an upcoming Interactive Session of its Resource Team/Potential Auditors aimed ...

6 June - 10 June, 2016 - Abuja, Nigeria

The UNIDO National Quality Infrastructure Project organized in Abuja the second Training of Trainer (ToT)/Lead Auditor Course.